HH Services: Tips on Finding the Right Therapist for You

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.
— David Richo

1. Ask friends and family for referrals. 

2. Find out what type of therapy is right for you (unconscious motivation, cognitive therapist, family-oriented systems, etc.)

3. Shop online or call a practice to see what their counseling philosophies are all about.

4. Pick a therapist based on the quality of the therapeutic relationship and then create a regular relationship that is convenient to you, not the other way around.

5. Notice how you feel while talking to them, but understand that it is normal to feel nervous and awkward the first time when speaking with a licensed counselor.  Remember, everything is confidential by law!


At The Healing House, we like coupling our counseling care with Biosound Therapy to reinforce breathwork with biofeedback and to visualize mindfulness with fun games or brain wave imaging.  

The first session is always at a discounted rate so that a proper therapeutic relationship can be established :)

Call 407-701-4500 for more!


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HH Services: Brain Processing

Use Psychotherapy (Counseling) to help identify things like trigger points and thought patterns as a result of your brain's fast and slow thinking responses.  This is the foundation to desensitizing the body's physiological reaction when dealing with conditions like PTSD and Anxiety.  

TBT: Exposure Therapy through Virtual Reality

➲  Exposure Therapy is a technique used in which patients mentally revisit a traumatic experience or a phobia with the emotional guidance of a therapist. 

➲  The company Limbix is working to fully engage patients during Exposure Therapy by utilizing Google Virtual Reality Goggles and a smartphone. 

➲ Limbix will not only be used to help individuals with a fear of heights, flying, or bridges, but it will also be used to help coach individual through a particular traumatic event by them back to the location of the event through virtual reality. 

The prospect of combining psychotherapy and virtual reality is a real game changer.  Exciting things to come!


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HH Services: Improving Confidence with Body Language

Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become.
— Amy Cuddy, Harvard Psychology Professor

 ✔️ Smiling to feel happier or dressing up for an interview to be on top of your game actually work!

 ✔️ Practice Mindfulness by staying in the moment and knowing nothing is perfect.

 ✔️ Use body language to your advantage! Standing tall like Super Woman will cause your brain to release chemicals that increase and stabilize your confidence. 

Really cool stuff that you can let your body trick your mind into feeling more confident.


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HH Services: Are You Approaching Gratitude the Right Way?

Is there a problem with how we are perceiving gratitude? John Monterosso, Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of Southern California and the author of "The Trouble With Gratitude" says that people can achieve better sustained gratitude by working on their very perception of it.

Monterosso claims that sustained gratitude's best sources are ultimately: 

1) focusing on interpersonal relationships and

2) a Mindful awareness of the moment

We regularly focus on identifying sources of gratitude in our Counseling and Biofeedback services at The HH.  And our providers will tell you that it's almost equally important to learn how to forgive yourself for 'not feeling grateful enough', which is another point that this article touched on.  Apparently practicing gratitude, like anything else, can be a process.   


Monterosso, J. (2017, July 21). A Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Explains What We Get Wrong About Gratitude. Retrieved July 31, 2017, from https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/10813-the-trouble-with-gratitude



TBT: Heads Together

William, Catherine, and I started this campaign because we saw that fear of judgment, stigma, and outdated prejudice meant that too many people stayed quiet about their mental health challenges. I’ve seen the threat these fear and stigma imposes on my work with veterans and my former army friends.
— Prince Harry of Wales, Co-Found of Heads Together

  📌  Duke and Duchess William and Kate, as well as Prince Harry, found a common thread of mental health as the challenge behind numerous problems in society.  

📌   The Heads Together campaign is working with charities to break the stigma and provide help for individuals dealing with mental illnesses. 


Click the button below to read more about Heads Together and how you can get involved!

Great to see big names getting involved with mental health awareness!


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HH Services: 3000 Pulses Later with Martha Rhodes

It’s almost like the reinvention of Martha. And that’s a great feeling.
— Martha Rhodes, Author of 3000 Pulses Later

 ▪️  In 2009 Martha Rhodes discovered TMS Therapy as a treatment option for depression.

 ▪️  After going through 6 weeks of treatment, Rhodes was able to successfully achieve full remission from what had been a very treatment-resistant case of Major Depressive Disorder prior to that.

 ▪️ In her autobiography, 3000 Pulses Later, Rhodes talks about her experience before and after completing TMS Therapy and specifically about her remarkable turnaround as a result of this treatment.

3,000 pulses to the left prefrontal cortex is the best treatment going for depression.  Double the effectiveness of any antidepressant on the market with no side effects other than mild scalp discomfort!  Plus, you can stay on the meds that work well for you.  We are grateful for champions of this therapy like Martha!


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TBT: 13 Reasons Why

giphy-downsized (1).gif

→   The Netflix original series, "13 Reasons Why" has become the most tweeted about show in 2017. 

→   The drama-mystery series based on the novel by Jay Asher focuses on the story of a teen who commits suicide. 

→   The number of teens and young children that have been hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and actions has doubled in the past decade. Naturally, parents are concerned about how this series may affect its viewers, an already vulnerable population.  

Harvard Health has written an article on 5 recommended topics to cover with your child if they are watching "13 Reasons Why". 

Harvard Health's Physician Editor is being proactive with proper mental health education that counters how this series is potentially normalizing depression for teens.  Make sure to check it out!


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Wellness Wednesday: Should Days Off for Mental Health Count as Sick Days?

I wasn’t expecting the exposure, but I am so glad I was able to have such a positive impact on so many people.
— Ben Congelton, CEO of Olark Live Chat

😷 😷 😷

🔅  1 in 6 Americans are medicated for mental health.

🔅  The CEO of Olark Live Chat encourages his employees to take sick days not only for physical illnesses but also for mental illnesses. 

🔅  Without a healthy mind, workers are not able to perform to their full capabilities. 

It's always tricky balancing the burden of life's inevitable expenses and proper self care.  But sometimes you have to put your own gas mask on first to ensure that you are able to maintain career challenges.


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HH Services: Growth of NeuroStar

👍  Another NeuroStar success story in the testimonial below 👇

✔️  806 treatment sites currently in the USA alone 

✔️  NeuroStar can be found all over North America and has a particularly strong presence in the United States and in Japan.  There are positive growth trends internationally as the demand increases for neurostar and for TMS therapy in general now that the care benefits are better understood.  

✔️  The US has seen a 20% growth in NeuroStar systems in the past year. 

Great things are in motion with some serious momentum for NeuroStar TMS Therapy!


NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy Depression Outcomes Registry Surpasses 500 Patient Milestone. (2017, May 22). Retrieved July 10, 2017, from http://www.wboc.com/story/35485332/neurostar-advanced-therapy-depression-outcomes-registry-surpasses-500-patient-milestone

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TBT: The Happiness Equation

Mo Gawdat lost his son 10 years ago and has made it his mission to solve happiness as a mathematical equation since then.  And much of his numerical research actually points to the power of now which is why he urges people to live in the moment and with intent.

Read more about Mo's full story here

Q: You weren’t able to find joy in your life. Is finding joy a skill that should be taught?
A: Absolutely. Happiness is very much like staying fit. You start with the decision that you are going to get fit, you find out how – but knowing that is not enough, you have to go to the gym to work out and eat healthily. To me the whole topic of happiness is exactly the same.
— Excerpt from Mo's Interview with The Guardian

A Full-Length Interview with Mo can be seen in the video below 👇


Take it from Mo. There are lots of diverse resources to keep the mind and brain fit!

Wellness Wednesday: Morning Routines

Morning routine for the CEO of Twitter includes:

1. Meditating for 30 minutes. 

2. Working out 30minutes. 

3. Drinks coffee. 

4. Checks Twitter for the news.

5. Walks for an hour to work. 

For Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, wellness is his top priority.  And while business success has helped make it possible for Jack to have time in the day to focus on his own well-being, he claims that it's also the very thing that allows him to stay on top of his game.  Daily routine requires great discipline any way you cut it, and few succeed without it.   

It's important to note how Jack only uses Twitter as a part of his morning routine to read the news. Social media is truly revolutionary the way we are able to connect to almost anyone in the world within seconds! But this kind of accessibility can also be very consuming, so keep social media on your own terms.  Customize it, and use it how you want to.  But then carve out time to give your mind a break and an opportunity to unplug from technology.  This helps avoid things like focus fatigue and anxiety.

 😌 😌 😌


Wagner, K. (2017, June 21). Why Twitter's Jack Dorsey chose computer science over becoming mayor of New York. Retrieved June 30, 2017, from https://www.recode.net/2017/6/21/15845686/jack-dorsey-twitter-square-ceo-time-management-mayor-new-york

TBT: New Age of Anxiety

Nearly 38% of girls and 26% of boys between the ages of 13 to 17 suffer from a diagnosable Anxiety condition today.  There has been a Depression epidemic since the 80s, and there is a natural interplay between these two conditions, so there is no doubt that Anxiety has been prevalent in the past as well.  But have we dawned on a new age of Anxiety? A popular article from the New York Times earlier this month discusses how Anxiety meds like Xanax are now rivaling Depression meds like Prozac because of the Anxiety-inducing world that we experience in 2017.

TBT: National Mental Health Act of 1946

on July 3rd, 1946

The National Mental Health Act became law

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

➲ The Act came into formation due to the mental health issues veterans returning from World War II were facing.  

➲ The Law was passed in recognition that patients benefit more from evaluation and treatment rather than being institutionalized. 

➲ The NIMH was placed as a leader for further research and analysis on the brain and psychiatric disorder. 

We are continuing to make progress in mental health with evolving treatments and philosophies.

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Wellness Wednesday: Meditate While You Work 😙 😙 😙

You can not out-work a problem, you have to out-meditation it.
— A.G. Lafely, CEO of Procter & Gamble

Many companies, both large and smalls, are adding meditation to work. Whether starting your own business or trying to convince your boss, see below how different companies have incorporated the practice in the workplace. 


- Apple-  

Apple allows employees up to 30 minutes each day to meditate. On-site medication and yoga classes are offered as well as a meditation space.


Google created the program, "Search Inside Yourself",  to help employees learn how to breathe mindfully, listen to their coworkers, and improve their own emotional intelligence. 

-McKinsey & Co.-

McKinsey & Co. collaborated with an Australian client to form a meditation program. The program itself saved the Australian business more than $20 million. 


Other large companies that encourage meditation through yoga classes and personal spaces: Prentice Hall Publishing, HBO, Nike, Deutsche Bank, Yahoo!, & AOL Time Warner, and more!

HH Input 

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HH Services: Panchakarma Detox Retreat with Dr. G

We are pleased to be hosting Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Scott Gerson this week for his Panchakarma Detox Retreat.  It is some powerful stuff!  We will continue to facilitate his care in the future for anyone interested in this type of alternative healing.  

Watch Dr. G discuss the origin of Ayurvedic Medicine in the video below 👇

Read about a 10-day traditional Ayurvedic retreat from Yoga Journal here.

Happy Friday: Sarah B Completing 29-Day Provider Challenge

We are so happy for Sarah and were honored to assist with her journey to heal! 👏👏

Wellness Wednesday: Yoga in Pro Sports

Flexibility, strength, mindfulness and focus.  These are all qualities that athletes are looking to achieve in order to put their best game forward.  And with the growing science behind the effects of Yoga, its practice, along with growing mindfulness techniques and technologies, is becoming more widely adopted in professional sports. 

Read about how Yoga is becoming the new norm in sports here

Yoga helps you to be a professional at whatever your trade is in life.

Happy Friday: -- Visualization

The phenomenon of manifesting your own reality can be explained by The Law of Attraction

Visualization and Persistence are Key 🔑